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Rasul Mirzaakhmedov

/ 02 February 2021 / Blog

Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov is a ninth-generation ikat master living in Margilan, Uzbekistan. Mirzaahmedov employs eight other ikat masters and more than 40 weavers in the Crafts Development Center. He’s been in business for over 20 years

The Renaissance of Uzbek Silk

/ 02 February 2021 / Blog

In collaboration with Uzbekistan’s Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, the Islam Karimov Foundation has published a full-colour volume dedicated to the centuries-old silk weaving tradition which is based on Ikat techniques.

Margilan Crafts Development Center

/ 02 February 2021 / Blog

Margilan Crafts Development Center is located in the city of Margilan, Ferghana Valley of Uzbekistan. Located on the caravan routes of the Great Silk Road, Margilan was once an important venue for commerce and cultural exchanges.

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